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Why do bad things happen to good people?

It's a question that emboldens every atheist in his fight against God, and too many Christians have weak answers at best. After all, if you held in your hands the cure to cancer and withheld it from alleviating the suffering of your own precious child, who'd not think you a monster? Doesn't God have the cure to every child's cancer? How could a good, all-powerful God let such suffering happen?

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Is there any scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective?

Which vaccines are made from aborted fetal tissue?

Is there really an increased risk of autism from vaccines?

For which vaccines are the benefits greater than the risk?

I was interviewed on this subject on Tom Roten's radio show, and you may listen here:


Have you ever met a child conceived in rape who survived? How about a child conceived in incest who was nearly aborted and survived? How about a child whose existence threatened the mother's life who survived?

On the cover of this remarkable DVD documentary, in which I was interviewed on the common abortion "exceptions", is a Personhood Ohio supporter who adopted a child who met the criteria for ALL THREE common exceptions - conceived in rape, incest, and a threat to the mother's health. And the happy child has a happy home, praise the Lord! In this documentary, you'll also hear an ectopic-pregnancy survivor interviewed. This DVD is filled with remarkable stories of life and hope!

Take home message: "Do not murder," God says. None. It is never right to intentionally kill an innocent person. You worship the author of the standard by which you live. Adam and Eve did not partake of the forbidden fruit for the most part - they just made one exception. But "whosoever keepeth the whole law, but offends in one point, is guilty of all" (James 2:10). A murderer hath no eternal life abiding in them, the Scripture says. Whether you've killed one or a million. The "least of these" to the pro-life movement are those we throw under the bus with our "exceptions" added to regulation legislation. We need to get the mote out of our own eye first, for as we judge, we shall be judged.

Personhood rights for all - now! Visit, print out a petition, and help us gather signatures to end all abortion statewide.

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Fifty Shades of Abuse
By Dr. Patrick Johnston

Where are the feminists when you need them? If a Christian leader dares to assert that his wife is and should be a homemaker, the feminists slander and threaten, but when Hollywood depicts a billionaire stalking and tying up a woman for violent, degrading intercourse against her will, that’s “art.” Make no mistake, when Hollywood dares to portray a woman as the abused turf of a selfish, sadistic creep in love with his own machismo, they do a grave disservice to women in the culture.

Some have speculated that since the story ends well with the sadomasochist abandoning the handcuffs and whips for genuine tenderness in a future sequel, it’s a worthy journey, but we only get there after a trilogy of abuse and perversion. If Fifty Shades is a love story, then the Nazi Holocaust was a charity ball, gun control keeps us safe, and Planned Parenthood loves babies. Movies like this encourage love like a drug-dealer encourages sobriety.

The thing about sexual abuse is that it creates an appetite for it, stimulating just enough curiosity in the culture to tempt the more promiscuous among us to spice up their love life with chains and whips, and to entice the culturally conservative to wonder what in the world they’re missing.

After all, Kroger’s selling the novels, the sixteen-year-old porn addict reminds the affection-starved fifteen-year-old girlfriend. Why not give it a try? If the abuse of women can be thus glamorized by Hollywood, why should the sixteen-year-old even ask for permission before he breaks out the cuffs. For love’s sake, we must have a zero tolerance of the abuse of women.

What is love? Love rejoices not in lawlessness, First Corinthians 13 tells us, but rejoices in the truth, in righteousness, in purity. Lust is not loving. Violent lust is criminally malicious, even if the victim has pathologically permitted the abuse. If an abuser obtains consent from his victim, the abuse is still not justified and the one consenting needs careful counselling to help him or her distinguish once again normal and healthy from harmful and perverted. We shouldn’t let people grow accustomed to being doormats for abusers any more than we should let people inject illegal drugs, indulge in bulimic binging and purging, sell their bodies, commit suicide, or any other harmful thing those inwardly hurting might be tempted to do to themselves to quench the pain. For love’s sake, we should discourage harmful, sinful behavior.

Contrary to the presupposed nonsense of the godless judiciary, smut isn’t “free speech.” It is sin. Jesus said in Matthew 5, if you look at a woman with lust, you’ve committed adultery in your heart, and it would be better for you to pluck out an eye and go through life with one eye than to spend eternity forever in hell with two. Lust doesn’t pay, not in the end. “Marriage is honorable in all, and the bed undefiled, but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge” (Hebrews 13:4). There’s no such thing as safe sin, not in this life nor in the next.

Why would a loving God forbid pornography, adultery, homosexual acts, and urge civil governments to penalize such crime? Because God is cruel and doesn’t want us to enjoy our own sexuality? No – because He IS loving and wants to restrain our sexual appetites to where they can be most enjoyable, within the confines of self-control.

Just as a train ruins its potential when it leaps the boundaries of its tracks for the carefree frolicking of the forest for which it wasn’t designed, so does sexual sin hinder human enjoyment in the long run. Just as a donut loses its luster when you’re four hundred pounds due to overeating them, so does physiological sex grow boring to one accustomed to a dozen pixilated Playboy bunnies to bring him to climax – or whips and cruelty when the pixilated Playboys simply aren’t enough. When legalized smut finds its way into the minds of a woman’s mate, it engenders selfishness and discontent with a normal woman.

A real woman get headaches from time to time. A real woman gains weight when she gets pregnant and requires tenderness to enjoy intimacy. Healthy women don’t let men tie them up or beat and violently abuse them sexually. A healthy woman doesn’t enjoy being put through a meat grinder to satisfy the basest of desires from the basest of men who care not a wink about them. A mentally strong woman would dial 911, or even better, draw a weapon and defend herself to the death should a pervert try to cuff her to a bed post.

How can the sex slavery and human trafficking business find so many customers? Look no further than the smut shops that dot the highway, the porn sites that bloat the internet, and the pervs clogging the back room of “Family Video.” Thanks to Cinemark and Kroger peddling Fifty Shades of Bondage Smut, you’ll find the sex trafficking customer base growing. Thanks to a feminist movement that shackles women and calls it freedom, kills babies and calls it choice. Thanks to the weakened resolve of American Christians to speak against abuse and to stand up for love.

By Dr. Patrick Johnston, D.O., Director, Association of Pro-Life Physicians
An article on ominously reads, “’We’re under seige’: Pro-life leaders say politicians want to force abortion on Northern Ireland.”1 The Northern Irish Minister of Justice, David Ford, appears to be disregarding the wisdom of life-affirming testimony and appears set to open the door to legalizing the killing of Irish babies conceived through rape, or who have a “lethal abnormality.”
The United States of America was once a country like Ireland that respected life in its laws. Killing preborn children was once the crime of murder, as it rightly should be. When our Supreme Court struck down abortion restrictions all across this nation in 1973, they brought great bloodguilt upon this nation. Please learn from our horrific mistake, Mr. Ford. Do not bring national judgment upon future generations of Irish people!
You – the Irish Minister of Justice – appear to be persuaded by the need for abortion in cases of rape.2 So it was in this country. The Supreme Court case that opened the door for abortion in this nation – Roe versus Wade – focused on a woman who claimed she was raped; the Court concluded her “right to privacy” included a right to abortion, completely disregarding the science proving the humanity and viability of preborn children in their natural environment, and completely disregarding their constitutionally protected right to life. When Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” of Roe versus Wade went public that she lied before the High Court about being raped, the High Court refused to reconsider its erroneous decision.3 The U.S. Supreme Court didn’t care about truth and wasn’t motivated by compassion. Rape is a violent crime against an innocent person, and a violent crime against an innocent person is never remedied by another violent crime against another innocent person! The Supreme Court exploited the crime of rape to dehumanize an entire class of people and legalize their killing and exploitation. Now, abortion has become legal not only in cases of rape, but for every conceivable excuse. Do not think that you are beyond this slippery slope. If you begin to stain your hands with innocent blood, you will not be able to easily wash them off. You may surround yourself with medical and legal experts to help you develop your position, but please remember, no honesty or sincerity can be expected from murderers. As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision and the fifty states’ foolish acceptance of its validity, 55 million babies have been slaughtered in this nation, all of them with beating heartbeats and measurable brain waves.4 Please do not walk in our footsteps, Mr. Ford. We are guilty of a great crime against humanity, and deserve national judgment as a result.5
You – the Irish Minister of Justice – appear to be influenced by the medical community’s testimony that abortion is necessary in rare cases of fetal anomaly or when abortion is a threat to the mother’s life. This argument has unfortunately comprised even historically virtuous pro-life organizations in this country, but their fatal compromise began on the foundation of abandoning the divine commandment “Thou shalt not kill”. They allowed emotion and faulty science to dissuade them from divine truth. I discourage you from following their bad example. It is never justified to intentionally kill an innocent human being. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, knew this, which is why in his Hippocratic Oath he and his genre of ethical physicians promised, “I will not give a deadly drug if asked, neither will I give an abortive remedy.” We should do everything we can to provide compassionate care to the ill mother and her preborn child, and it may be necessary to induce a premature delivery to save the mother’s and the baby’s life, but it is never necessary to intentionally kill a preborn child.6 That’s not healthcare – that’s barbaric.
This opinion that abortion is never necessary in healthcare is shared by the Association of Pro-Life Physicians, the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns, Personhood USA and all their state affiliates, American Right to Life, the Catholic Medical Association, the Hippocratic Registry, and the Christian Medical Association. Ireland’s very own Dublin Declaration stated well, “As experienced practitioners and researchers in obstetrics and gynecology, we affirm that direct abortion – the purposeful destruction of the unborn child – is not medically necessary to save the life of a woman. We uphold that there is a fundamental difference between abortion and necessary medical treatments that are carried out to save the life of the mother, even if such treatment results in the loss of her unborn child.”7
Longstanding U.S. Congressman and obstetrician Ron Paul said he never saw an abortion that was medically necessary. Former Surgeon General Everett Koop said that abortion was “not needed to save the life of the mother.” He wrote, “In my thirty-six years in pediatric surgery I have never known of one instance where the child had to be aborted to save the mother’s life.” Even Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Alan Guttmacher acknowledged, “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness such as cancer or leukemia, and, if so, abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.”8
You – the Irish Minister of Justice – appear to think that abortion may be necessary in “hard cases” for the emotional or physical well-being of women. When renown U.S. physician Bernard Nathanson went public that he lied in his claim before our Supreme Court that thousands of women were dying annually from illegal abortions, our High Court refused to reconsider their faulty decision on abortion.9 Regardless of how physicians and ethicists who testify before you may be hailed as experts, honor the counsel from Scripture and “walk not in the counsel of the ungodly”.10 If your experts are willing to justify the bloodshed of one innocent Irishman, let them not tarry for a moment in your sight. Seek the counsel of those who fear God and whose testimony is thereby trustworthy. Objective, honest testimony would confirm the right to life and equal justice for the least of Ireland’s children. Contrary to popular belief, abortion is not safer than childbirth, according to several large studies published by the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns. Abortion greatly increases risk of maternal morbidity, including infertility and preterm labor in future pregnancies, and even increases the risk of maternal death by 191% according to one study.11 Moreover, abortion, it has been shown, has been a cover-up for crimes such as rape and incest.12 Having an abortion drastically increases the risk of breast cancer and suicide.13,14 Maternal morbidity and mortality rates are half of your neighbor England’s, where abortion is legal. Your maternal death rates are the lowest in the world, where you presently justly consider abortion a crime against humanity.15
“Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.” (Ezekiel 35:6)
Please, Mr. Ford, learn from the mistakes of the United States. Do not bring divine judgment upon your nation. Zealously protect the children – “the least” of God’s children – as if they collectively represented the future freedom of Ireland. Indeed, they do.
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James  Foley
James Foley

This  refers  to  the  Minister  for  Justice  to  Northern  Ireland  not  Ireland  which  is  generally  referred  to  as  the  Republic  of  Ireland.


Good thing these people can't vote in Ireland if they need you to school them on such basics.

I'm sure our government doesnt care what some half baked fundamentalist in America thinks.

In seven years of gardening, I’ve never had such a bad tomato year. I don’t know why. I did everything like I did the past several years, where we got 100 or so jars of salsa and spaghetti sauce yearly.  I purchased non-hybrid seed. I nurtured the seedlings in my basement for a month before it was time to plant, ensuring the proper temperature and lighting. I hardened them for a week before planting, taking them out during the day and them putting them back in my basement at night. I planted them in Miracle Grow soil and mulched them well. I fertilized at the appropriate time, and I watered in the dry seasons. I’ve talked to other gardeners, and my experience is atypical for the area. I don’t know what went wrong.

Bad seed?

There are many guarantees God’s Word gives us about our children, promises that if we train them and discipline them and instill God’s Word in their heart, they will live right. However, they will still stand before the forbidden tree on their own and make their own choice for sin or righteousness. God was a great parent, yet look what Adam and Eve did in the Garden! We can do everything right, and still our children may wind up condemned for their sinful hearts…


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Wonderful analogy. I did a lot of gardening with my mom when I was little as well, but she never taught me things like this. It did teach me to be patient though. Also, I am a pretty hard working from doing all that yard work. But the difference is, my mom didn't teach me those things. I figured them out on my own. I will have to get a garden to teach my kids life lessons.

Don’t Be Deceived by the Green Beans Photo

Eighty percent of our produce this year came from 20% of our garden. The melons shriveled, the tomatoes cracked, the peas dried up, the strawberries were covered in knee-high weeds thanks to the bad-timing of an out-of-town conference and a vacation, and I planted more pepper plants than peppers harvested. But the green beans were awesome. 
However, don't be deceived by the green beans photo. It wasn’t as easy as it looks. It looks like the lush vines and the bumper crop were as easy as 1 - 2 - 3, but it was as hard as chewing glass into sand. I had to re-plant three times this year due to the little hungry slugs that would come up and eat the leaves off the seedlings as soon as they burst through the ground. So I replanted and bought some Seven pesticide powder and sprinkled it on them. But it rained and the powder washed off, and the little slimy demons were at it again. So I replanted, and tried again. At least three, and in some areas four times!
It may seem to you that you have been trying to teach the same lessons to your kids over and over again, and they just don’t get it. Do you give up? Do you let the kid have was he's temper-tantrumin' for? Do you let the teen have the cell phone even though you know they're sinnin' with it? Do you let her go out with that guy even though you know they are in a lustful relationship? Do you just give up and let the devil's slugs eat your seedings? No way! In the parable of the sower, Jesus mentioned that the devil tries to steal the sown seed. Do you quit sowing? No - you plant the seed again and try to beat the devil off! Don't come under the judgment of Eli because you refuse to "restrain" your kids and tolerated a famine of the word in your home (1 Samuel 3-4).
God didn’t give up trying to teach Israel. He gave the law and reminded them of it over and over again. When they spurned the law, He sent prophets to warn over and over again before He sent judgment. He’s patient. “The servant of the Lord,” Paul wrote, “must not strive, but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient…” Don’t be frustrated with teaching the same lessons to your kids repeatedly. Keep sowing! One day it may take, and then you’ll get that bumper crop of the fruits of the Spirit!  
Don't be deceived by the family photo. It's not as easy as it looks.


The Lesser Hills of Kinder County


By Dr. Patrick Johnston


To marry the woman of his dreams, he would have to conquer her father’s heart;

but to win the heart of this hard Amish man, he’ll have to sacrifice everything.


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Part 1 of 8. Vermin Under the Vine

Boy, did our sweet potato harvest look like it’d be a booming crop this year! The sweet potatoes are one of kid's favorite things to grow. Picking beans and tomatoes isn’t nothing compared to pulling a sweet potato out of the ground the size of a bowling ball! This year, the vines were spreading out all over the place! We couldn’t wait to see what awaited us in those mounds.

What we found, however, was disappointing. Half of our sweet potatoes had pits created by mouse or chipmunks, as evidence by the teeth marks! Some sweet potatoes were completely hollowed out by the vermin.

Our kids might look good on the outside, but what's in their heart? They may smile, get good grades, have stable relationships, but what’s on the inside? What’s under all that veneer. Jesus reproved the Pharisees that they were pretty on the outside but were like whitewashed tombstones, full of corruption on the inside. They looked like the most spiritual of all, and Jesus called them "Snakes!" and "children of your father the devil!"

When it comes to raising our kids, let’s not just aim for outward excellence, but as Romans 16:19-20 says, “Be excellent at good and innocent of evil. And the God of peace shall soon crush satan underneath our feet.”

In another part of the garden, we used mole poison in a jar to keep the rodents at bay - and it worked and potatoes were flawless. However, in the rodent-eaten part of the potato garden, I trusted in an “old wives’ tale” that ivory soap would keep ‘em out. So I cut up some ivory soap and tossed it around so I wouldn’t have to use rodent poison. There were even teeth marks in the ivory soap! Wouldn't be surprised if some PETA freak started that rumor about ivory soap.

Don’t let “old wives’ tales” replace the tried and true measures of the word of God. Replacing the “commandments of God” for the “traditions of men” is severely frowned upon (Mark 7:6-9). God’s Word includes the best parenting advice because God is the best parent. God commands us to spank because He spanks (Heb. 12). It is loving and godly to spank your kids when appropriate; the Bible says you "hate" them if you don't (Prov. 13:24). Put the Word of God in their mind from dawn to dusk - God commands it because it is loving (Deut. 6). You cannot improve on His love, Moms and Dads.



The Republican Donut

By Dr. Patrick Johnston


The wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong remedy

A 250-pound man with powdered sugar on his OSU sweatshirt was in my office recently complaining of an infected toe. "It's an allergy to that new blood pressure drug," he insisted. "My toe got red and started draining yellow as soon as you put me on it."

A careful history and examination revealed that the patient had uncontrolled diabetes and a severe diabetic foot infection. "It's not the BP drug," I informed him. "It's your donuts. If we don't get your diabetes under control, a surgeon's gonna have to amputate your toe or foot to save your life."

Identifying the symptom's easy - "my toe has an open ulcer." Finding the cause, however, is more complex, especially for the ignorant. Coincidence is not conclusive evidence. Just because the patient's symptoms began when he started medication for his blood pressure, that doesn't mean the med caused it. Needless to say, without discovering the true cause of his symptoms, we would never have cured it.

The greatest single threat to American liberty is... (drum roll, please)

Listen up religious conservatives: God is a greater threat to American liberty than Obama. People are scared, but they are more scared of liberals than they are of offending God.

According to new U.S. Treasury data this month, a record number of people have renounced their citizenship so far this year, at a pace to break the record which was last year when 2,999 Americans abandoned citizenship. In 2013, the front pages of newspapers all over the country reported hundreds of thousands of people added their names to online petitions encouraging the secession of every state in the union since Obama was re-elected. With health insurance premiums going up, illegal aliens continuing to come across our porous southern border, traditional marriage under assault from leftist judges and gay activists, and the value of the dollar increasingly threatened by irresponsible money-printing practices of the Federal Reserve and the government’s refusal to abide by a budget, the number of discontented Americans continues to grow. However, let us keep the true cause of our loss of liberties at the forefront of our minds. Just because our freedoms and prosperity began dwindling dramatically when Obama took office, it does not mean that Obama is the principle cause. The bottom began to drop out of the economy before Obama’s presidency even began; the seeds of the inevitable economic disaster were planted and watered by leaders of both parties.

Why is God a greater threat to American liberty than Obama? There are three sins that repeatedly are mentioned in the Bible as reasons God punishes and destroying nations:

1. the shedding of innocent blood,

2. sodomy, and

3. idolatry.

Judgments are pronounced in Scripture not only against the nation of Israel - the "apple of God's eye" - but also Gentile nations (Jeremiah 18:7-10). Nations that slaughter as many people as our nation has - almost 56 million since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion-on-demand - deserve tyranny. When we promote homosexuality at taxpayer expense to our nation's public school children, in our federal and state bureaucracy policies, and in allowing tens of thousands of sodomites to march the city streets at annual gay pride parades (they march nude in Columbus, Ohio) - we deserve tyranny. Nations where the public proclamation of God's law and Jesus' lordship in our courthouses and schoolhouses can get you sued, expelled from your teaching position, or booted out of office - such nations deserve tyranny.

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