About the Johnston Family

Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston reside in central Ohio with their ten home-schooled children. Patrick Johnston is a family practice physician, the founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians (www.ProLifePhysicians.org), and the director of Personhood Ohio (www.PersonhoodOhio.com). Dr. Johnston is a popular conference speaker and author who has written ten novels and two screenplays. He produced a movie in 2016 entitled "The Reliant", featuring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, Nicole C. Mullen, and the Benham Brothers (www.TheReliantMovie.com). "The Reliant" will release to theaters in 2017. Elizabeth is the popular video blogger "The Activist Mommy" with facebook views regularly running a half-million strong. Dr. Johnston and Elizabeth have a passion for strong families, restored marriages, Christian education, revival in the church, and a return to biblical thinking and practice.