Trump and Hitler, Sittin' in the Tree...

Trump and Hitler Sittin’ in the Tree…


I hate it when people compare popular social foes to Adolf Hitler. However, when the comparison’s valid in so many ways, nothing hits home better. Obviously, I’m not saying that Trump is similar to pre-World-War-2 Hitler in every way, but definitely in some notable ways.

Hitler rose to power in the vacuum of shame following the bitter sanctions placed on them after World Word 1. In the Versailles Treaty after World War 1, the world leaders carved off Germany’s appendages, so to speak, handing lands filled with German-speaking peoples to other nations. German’s taxpayers had been enslaved with abusive tax rates to pay reparations to the countries against whom they fought. Germany was forced to disarm. Adolf Hitler - this confident, very wealthy German with a gift of dramatic rhetoric – promised to make Germany great again, to revoke the demeaning policies imposed on Germany by its enemies, to strengthen Germany’s military, and to build a strong Germany that could never be abused by their enemies again. In the same way, consider the context of Trump’s campaign its alluring content: there is the drastic influx of illegal aliens into this country, with the resultant threat of disease and terrorism and the stress on the welfare system. We are weakened in our international relations as a result of eight years of Obama’s lavish apologies and limp-wristed diplomacy. Much shame has been brought on our military by allowing open sodomites within its ranks, and withdrawing soldiers from war zones thereafter overwhelmed by America’s enemies and ISIS militants. Run the numbers and realize the increasing tax rate we will be forced to bear as a result of the unmanageable debt of previous generations of welfare recipients. Consider Obama’s policies of disarmament. It is doubtless refreshing for most Americans to hear a wealthy American with the gift of drama like the prime time “reality star” Donald Trump to plug America’s borders, bring strength to our diplomatic and trade relations, to build up our military, and “make America great again.”

Hitler’s rise to power coincided with a tremendous naivety on the part of the German public, who were willing to overlook Hitler’s less desirable racist policies in order to latch onto the nationalistic hope he personified. His powerful speeches resonated with the deep hunger of the German people to be free and rise to greatness. He rolled out the red carpet of German pride everywhere he went, seducing the largely Lutheran public to overlook his more embarrassing and less politically-correct positions. Similarly, Trump’s past statements and actions drip with shame and sin, yet so many Christians so easily overlook them. He has been married three times, boasting in his adulterous affairs, yet unrepentant. He graces the cover of an edition of Playboy wherein his wife poses nude. He owns a strip club – The Trump Taj Mahal. He has endorsed Obamacare. He has stated emphatically that he is pro-choice, even in the case of partial birth abortion, a position that only changed as a result of announcing his Republican candidacy for President. He has stated recently that he’s comfortable with homosexuality, and as recently as 2000 he supported gay marriage. Even recently called same-sex marriage “the law of the land” – which demonstrates a grievous inability to distinguish between law and lawlessness, and a blatant lack of respect for the constitutional limitations of federal power. (For a brief video documenting Trump's social views, click . All of these previously held positions are not irrelevant simply because he doesn’t reiterate them in his dramatic speeches, or he casts a few crumbs to “pro-life” and traditional marriage on the campaign trail as Republican presidents must do. When pressed, his positions are as unprincipled and corrupt as the most liberal godless democrat. Conservatives are as naïve as dirt to cast their lot in with someone as liberal and boldly wicked as Donald Trump, his flag-waving, patriotic campaign notwithstanding.

Hitler’s rise coincided with a significant decrease in the morality of German’s churches, so compromised in their principles that 90% of German Lutheran churches actually endorsed Hitler as the “lesser of two evils” over Communism. Atheistic communism, after all, was the primary political competition for Hitler’s Nazi, or National Socialist German Worker’s, Party. My, how history repeats itself! There is a long line of Christian leaders lining up to endorse Trump, most notably Jerry Falwell, Jr., the pinnacle of Liberty University, and the son of the founder of the Moral Majority of the 1980’s. When facing criticism for endorsing such a liberal candidate for President, Falwell replied he “wasn’t electing a Sunday School teacher.” Trump, it’s repeatedly argued, is “the lesser of two evils.” He’s the only one who can beat Hillary, it is said. He reaches toward the middle, and gets the support of the moderates.

There is an aspect of the American election system that most Americans don’t get. In the open Republican primaries that some states have, democrats can vote for Republican candidates, predictably casting their lot with most liberal Republican candidate. However, in a general election, those same liberals will vote for the democratic candidate. The liberals aren’t voting for the Republicans in the general election anyway, so why does the GOP cater to them? If the Republican Party puts forth a social liberal candidate like McCain or Romney, the risk is high that some religious conservatives will stay home on Election Day. Many conservatives like me will not cast their lot in with candidates who are on the record supporting Partial Birth Abortion or same-sex marriage (even if they changed their mind when they declared their candidacy for President). Many conservatives like me will not cast their vote for anyone who endorsed Obamacare, the biggest fascist increase of government control over Americans since the Stalin-supportin' F.D.R. Many conservatives have conscientious objections to supporting candidates who also run strip clubs and whose wife poses nude in porn magazines. When the “lesser of two evils” is that evil, we can’t support it. If only 5% of principled conservatives like me stay home, or vote for the Constitution Party or independent candidate, then the Democratic presidential candidate wins by an edge. That’s what happened in the McCain and Romney presidential campaigns. Too many people considered Romney and McCain too intolerable in their views to justify voting for them - even for fear of Obama! If the GOP abandons its base to pick a liberal Republican candidate for President, they will lose religious conservatives on Election Day and lose the election. In a Trump vs. Hillary contest, Hillary wins, Trump’s liberal winsomeness notwithstanding. That's the political reality.

Pragmatics aside, the church cannot have God’s blessing as long as we support evil leaders, lesser of two evils or not. If God were to judge this nation on the sole criteria of the kind of leader we pick to lead us, how could he not judge us? If Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for President, fear of Hillary Clinton would not justify casting our lot in with Donald Trump. With Hillary, Republicans in Congress would resist her and act like Republicans. Even the RINOs would find their gonads again. With Trump, however, the Republicans would cave in to big government, liberal policies for the sake of the Party – just like they did under Bush 2 when they passed the Medicare drug entitlement act and bailed out Wall Street and funded abortion and Planned Parenthood and all the other things the Republicans did defering to their President and violating their own Party Platform.

I have a brother who’s a Marine Corp drill instructor and a fanatical Trump supporter. “Trump can’t be bought,” my brother insists. “He’s not beholden to anybody’s money or opinion or criticism.”

Which, like Hitler, makes him good tyrant material.