Why Christians Should Not Vote for Trump

Why Christians Should Not Vote for Trump

By Dr. Patrick Johnston


If the Democrats, the communists, the gay activists, the socialists, and the atheists were to creatively design a Republican candidate for President who would signify the demise of the Christian right and the utter corruption of its leaders, who would they pick?

- An unrepentant strip-club owner,

- A lifelong supporter of gay rights,

- Who supports biological men going into women's restrooms,

- A lifelong abortion rights supporter,

- A Hillary Clinton financier,

- A Planned Parenthood supporter,

- Who professes to be a Christian,

- Which profession of faith is endorsed by James Dobson, and

- A notorious womanizer,

- Whose wife posed nude for Playboy.

How the atheists and sodomites must cheer and celebrate at their cocktails parties! How irrelevant the Church has become! How we have embarrassed ourselves. How the wicked have spit on the face of Jesus, mocking the sacrifice that purchased this pathetic lot.


“But Hillary Clinton is so much worse than Trump. I’ll vote for anyone as long as they’re better than Hillary.”

Those were the words of a Christian pastor of a large conservative church.

There must be some non-negotiables for Christians to endorse a candidate. In Nazi Germany, would we have supported Hitler for fear of Stalin? Would we have cast an endorsing wink at the National Socialists for fear of the international Communists? Imagine the temptation the Christian church faced in Germany, as the church-going nationalist Adolf Hitler appeared to be the “lesser of two evils” over the Communist Party and their ambitious Generalissimo Stalin. Stalin had just murdered over ten million Ukrainians in a state-designed famine. The Germans knew the Communists longed to push over their land with a wave of rape and torture and subjugation. Motivated by such reasonable fears, 90% of Germany Lutheran churches flew Nazi flags in their sanctuaries.

This was a catastrophic moral failure for the church! Who can deny that?

When the American church begins to walk the same compromised path, how can we escape the same judgment? Do you know how many innocent people died at the hands of the regime the German church supported? And what a heavy gavel fell! Do you know how many Christians perished in Nazi concentration camps and Communist labor camps? Do you know how many Germans endured mass rape and looting at the hands of the merciless Red Army?

We must have some non-negotiable criteria before we endorse a candidate. Being “not as bad as the other guy” is insufficient. At the very least, we need to withhold support from candidates who do not publicly commit to protect the preborn within their lawful, sworn constitutional jurisdiction. The 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution to which they take an oath forbid the government from depriving a person of life or liberty without a trial by jury. If we stoop to support candidates who tolerate mass murder or fund it, even for fear of a worse option, we stain our hands with innocent blood and provoke God’s wrath.


“Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary.”

This is repeated ad nauseum, and it proves true the maxim that those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it.

Remember John McCain? Remember Mitt Romney? It was endless repeated each was “the only candidate who could beat Obama!”

All that is necessary for the GOP to lose in the general election is for a small percentage of religious conservatives to stay home or vote for Tom Hoefling, or the Constitution Party candidate, or any other lesser known principled candidate who would actually abide by his oath. McCain and Romney both diverged too significantly from their Republican constituents on addressing illegal immigration, on socialistic healthcare, on gay rights, on abortion funding, on justifications for some abortion, etc. We were predictably assured by the leaders of the religious right that these candidates were the best options to defeat Obama. And yet we lost! Too many conservatives were sufficiently principled and refused to be deluded by their compromised religious leaders.

And Trump is so much more compromised than McCain and Romney! A lifelong abortion rights supporter and financier! A lifelong gay rights advocate! A strip club owner who posed on the cover of Playboy while wife posed nude inside! Do you honestly expect something different than what happened in the elections of 2008 and 2012? What’s the definition of insanity, but doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?

If you’re a Christian who is sufficiently deluded to support Trump, you deserve Hillary.


“Our Christian culture is gone… I endorse Trump to try and slow down its demise…”

Those are the words of a pioneer of the Christian right.

Jesus called the church the salt of the earth, and said when the church loses its saltiness, it’ll be cast off and trodden under the foot of men. Salt preserves and protects. The church should preserve God’s righteous standard in society. When we are so compromised in our principles that we support a lifelong abortion rights, pornography, and gay rights supporter as a candidate for President, the salt is worthless. Worthless! When the church loses its saltiness, it doesn’t slow down the demise of the culture or the judgment we deserve - it quickens it!

All Israel needed to conquer their Promised Land was faith and purity. When judgment came - whether it was pestilence, defeat in battle, slavery, or mass crucifixions as in A.D. 70 - it was for unbelief and sin. When the Assyrians threatened their liberties, and their leaders appealed to Egypt try to stave off the Assyrian assault, Jeremiah warned them that it did not assuage the wrath of God, but provoked it.

The best thing the church can do to slow down the demise of the culture is to be true to their biblically based, non-negotiable principles. No child-killing at taxpayer expense. Nothing brings God’s wrath against the land quicker than the shedding of innocent blood without justice. We must defy judicial decisions like Roe v. Wade and Obergefell, which protect child slaughter and endorse same-sex marriage, defying the law of God and the court’s constitutional limitations. These sins are abominations to God and provoke His wrath.


“At least he’ll appoint better judges than Hillary!”

That was the strongest argument for Bush 2, in spite of the fact that Bush supported abortion for rape, incest, and health reasons, and that he appointed open abortion advocates to the judiciary when he was governor of Texas. Once he declared his candidacy for President, he promised “strict constructionists” would be appointed, even as he assured the public there would be no pro-life “litmus test” for judges.

Yet who did he appoint? Turns out his version of “strict constructionist” included mass murderers and, indeed, he had no pro-life litmus test at all! Before Sam Alito’s appointment to the High Court, he presided over a judicial panel evaluating New Jersey’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban, and in that position he declared the Ban to be unconstitutional and cited Roe v. Wade approvingly. True to form, the Christian right whitewashed Alito’s record and he sailed through to the High Court with ease. We also got John Roberts, who had volunteered for gay rights activists before his appointment, and turned out being the deciding vote in favor of abortion-funding Obamacare. Predictably, the Christian right endorsed him as well. With a Republican administration and Republican majority in Congress, we got two candidates who perpetuated innocent bloodshed in the land.

With “strict constructionists” like Bush’s appointments, who needs Democrats to get a leftist, Communist, child-killing court?

The history of the High Court shows that Republican staffed Supreme Court predominated the court whenever they issued their most godless decisions - protecting abortionists nationwide, protecting pornography as “free speech”, taking prayer out of schools, taking Ten Commandment monuments off public property, forbidding praying in Jesus’ name, declaring anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional, legalizing same-sex marriage, etc.

Under Bush, we also got more abortion funding and sodomite promotions to government positions than even under Clinton! None of this could have happened without complicit leaders of the Christian right whitewashing Bush’s history and expressing a naive hope that President Bush would be different than Governor Bush.

Unless Trump promises to promote judges diametrically opposed to everything he has always stood for, we will get judicial appointees similar to what the GOP and Democratic candidates have historically appointed. 


“I’m not a purist. I’m voting for a secular leader, not a church leader.”

The religious conservative who said that expresses a common belief that only extremists have non-negotiable principles for political candidates.

There is no doubt that the GOP would be powerless against the Democrats without the support of religious conservatives. We must capitulate and support their candidate, or the Democrats will remain in power. With Trump, the GOP now knows that there is no line in the sand for us where we will refuse to endorse their candidate as “the lesser of two evils.”

What if we drew the line in the sand where God does? That does not mean we shouldn’t compromise on inessentials, but what if we decided that on the essentials of life, liberty, and family, we would not compromise one bit? What if we refused to support unrepentant supporters of child sacrifice and sodomy? What if we judged the candidates “by their fruit” like Jesus said, and not just by what they said after they declared their candidacy?

Without our support for godless GOP candidates, it is true the Democrats would likely remain entrenched in the federal government. But the godlessness promulgated by the federal government would not be with our support and permission. Remember, the grandeur of the pagan enemies in the Promised Land was irrelevant as to whether Israel conquered them or not. Israel’s fate rested on their purity and God’s favor, not the size of their enemies’ armies. If the church would keep its saltiness, perhaps we could avoid the promised judgment that the church, “the salt of the earth” would be “cast off and trodden under the foot of men.”


“If we vote for candidates who meet your non-negotiable criteria, we will have to vote third party for the presidential election. Then we’ll lose the federal government forever!”

In an atheistic universe, you’d have a good point. In the kingdom of God, however, you get what you believe for. “According to your faith, so be it unto you,” Jesus said many times. “Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.” “Believing you will receive it” is a condition for answered prayer, according to Jesus and according to the book of First John. The notion that we must compromise our principles or we will lose is rooted in unbelief. God, according to Scripture, sets up one king and tears down another. What if God really will give us the candidate we support? How foolish it would be to support a wicked candidate on the premise that God won’t answer our prayers. 

With the increasing godlessness of the federal government, it has become ever so clear that the only hope of turning back the tide of communism and godlessness is at the state level. The federal government is lost. It is a monster of iniquity! It is drunk with the blood of God’s children. One godly man who rises in D.C. is largely rendered irrelevant by the party system, and reduced to prophet status. An important role, but not one that determines public policy.

If state leaders, however, would refuse to abide by the unconstitutional and unlawful decisions from Washington, D.C., freedom could be preserved for another generation, even if only within that particular state. Deuteronomy 21 relates this principle clearly: the duty to do justice to protect the innocent is local, just as the judgment for the unretributed shedding of innocent blood is local. States need to stop pointing their fingers at D.C. to do what God orders them to do.

States should immediately disrespect same-sex marriage dictates and criminalize child-killing, in defiance of the tyranny of the courts. State legislatures should make the governors comply, or refuse to endorse the governor’s bills. A small minority of conservative legislators, as long as they were greater in number than the Republican majority in the Statehouse, could take their legislature “hostage” by refusing to cast a single vote for a single GOP bill until they stopped the child-killing. Make the GOP choose between ending the Holocaust or losing power. Let’s prioritize the only thing that will abate the wrath of God against us for the shedding of innocent blood: justice.

We don’t need to overturn lawless, unconstitutional court decisions through the thousand-year-plan to take back D.C. through electing Republicans who will appoint sympathetic judges. We need to defy those judicial decisions. “Any law repugnant [repulsive] to the Constitution is void,” said the first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay. And the courts cannot even make law! “All legislative [or law-making power] is invested in Congress”, according to the Constitution. If laws repulsive to the Constitution are void, how much more is lawlessness repulsive to the Constitution void! We don’t need to fear the Democratic candidate for President as much as we need to fear God. If the church capitulates to Trump, we deserve the judgment coming.

Let’s make sure our own hearts our right with God, and prepare our families for the judgment that may very well be inevitable. And let us fight this battle on the battleline that really matters: resisting tyranny at the local and state level to stop innocent bloodshed first and foremost, for without justice for the preborn, there will be no lasting mercy for us. Tremble not at the foes that stand before you across this blood-soaked line. If God be for us, who can be against us?


Amen! We're not voting for either. Good article! 


Most of you are like horses running on a track with blinders on.  You neither see nor want to see anything but what you've been taught all your lives.  You think you are and call yourselves Christians and want to believe your Christians but your nothing more than blinded pathetic hypocrites.  Going around in your on self righteous world condemning everything you don't like or is not like you.  Trump and his family are some of the most vile people on this earth.  Jesus said go and Sin no more.  Do you think these people can do that. Every time he or his family opens their mouths what comes out - lies, ungodly comments, hate, if you can imagine it they will say it at some point.  The filth that comes from their mouths starts in their hearts.  Clinton my not be a saint but she is the only chance our government has if it you wants to continue.


With all due respect, please read a letter received today by a missionary who grew up overseas and is serving in persecuted countries.  It is titled, Persecution:

Recently, I heard about a movement among Christians to not vote but rather allow Hillary Clinton to win the election. The claim of these Christians on social media is that “Christians have always been stronger under persecution, so bring it on.”

I am not sure that these people grasp an understanding of what they are saying. Once persecution comes, it will be an endless nightmare. Those never persecuted do not realize the gravity of this turmoil.

Imagine the government putting video cameras all over your church, defining what the pastor should preach. Any sermon coming across as attacking other religions, faiths, or cults will be punishable by prison. Imagine the government levying taxes on the tithes of believers, listening to what you say and watching what you do 24/7. Imagine not being able to carry your Bible in the street or knock on doors to witness. Imagine having metal bars on your house windows to protect you from thieves and burglars. Rather than raising little pets, you raise Rottweilers and German Shepherds just to protect yourself.

Imagine a state where rebellious children report their parents and even their pastor to the government. People become spies on one another. Traditional religion controlling everything. Churches preaching the Gospel described as proselytes and haters.

I have some questions for those inviting persecution. Why must you wait for persecution to sweep our country before you will serve the Lord? Why do you not go into your communities right now aggressively preaching the Gospel?

The problem? Sin and worldliness. If God’s people will forsake their wicked ways, repent, pray and come back to God, He will heal our land.

Hillary Clinton believes in open borders, a one-world system. If she can do this, she will be preparing the way for the appearance of the anti-christ. To us who live in America, opening borders means inviting illegal aliens to flood the country. Half of the world will merge on America. Gangsters and drug cartels, thieves, and terrorists will spread violence abroad. Open borders will diminish our country. People with different cultures will move in and trash our cities.

It may seem exciting to think, “Oh, I would love to be persecuted.” But once persecution comes, it will take a revolution or civil war to stop it. I wish young people would go live in some of the third world countries and see what persecution is doing to the cities and churches rather than wishing it on America.

I have been through persecution. I know how much one suffers, not only physically, but spiritually and mentally. Those persecuted live in constant fear. That is why I appreciate freedom and thank God for America. Many others like me came to America because of the freedom to worship and speak. We came because of the government, justice and a great army that protects us.

Those who have lived under the rule of Saddam Hussein or China or N. Korea appreciate the freedom in America. They realize there is no place to go after America. Why? Because America is the last Bastian of freedom. The only country left in the world that has the treasury of the Scripture. Printing of Bibles is forbidden in persecuted countries. But, it is because of freedom that America can print and ship Bibles to the whole world. Bible colleges, preachers, and teachers go into the world because we are free.

Someone once said, “You know a person by his friends.” Hillary Clinton has surrounded herself with socialists, communists, and atheists. These will be the ones who will persecute us. They hate the very fabric of Christianity. Just look at the Wiki Leaks for examples.

But, Donald Trump seems to have surrounded himself with conservative leaders. Mr. Pence is a born-again Christian committed to upholding the Constitution of the Untied States. These men are committed to appointing Supreme Court Justices that will keep America on the right path.

Freedom to serve the Lord is far greater than serving under persecution. My advice? Do not wait until persecution comes to serve the Lord. Why not start right now? Why not go into the cities like New York and Chicago? Take advantage of the freedom in our land. Start distributing the Word of God and preaching the Gospel. Right now, we can do this.

For those inviting persecution and thinking that Christianity will survive better in persecution: Why not call some of the Christians who live in persecuted countries and ask their opinion? They will tell you, “Our greatest encouragement is the freedom in America and knowing the church of America can stand behind us because they are a land of the free and a home of the brave.”

I call upon you to make your voice heard. Vote for the goodness of this country on behalf of the persecuted churches in the third world.


I think we should bury our vote in the ground until we have to give an account to God for our vote and then simply explain that we knew He is a hard master and hope He understands that being responsible and thinking through issues is too hard. 


This article is an argument for boycott until you get what you want.  The idea that boycotting is an act of faith I think is based on faulty popular-doctrine.  God has not told me who to vote for, but has left it up to me to decide.  If God told me to boycott I would surely boycott and therefore act in faith based on God's command.  If I initiate what I then have faith in I demonstrate a faith in myself which I hope God will bless.  Also from another perspective...If you boycott and lose you also waste your time.  I believe the ultimate answer is prayer that the ruler of this world: Jesus will have mercy on our sinking and morally depraved country and send revival that will actually change the populace.  I pray for better 'patches' to fix this leaky ship...but I'm going with the best patch available for right now - I will not join your boycott as I wait for the ship to sink so I can tell everyone "I told you so" - what good is that?  God knows my heart.  I loathe Trump.  I can't stand to watch him...but he has my vote because to not vote is a vote for Hillary.


IT depends on the voting procedures.  If instant runoff voting (IRV) was in place, one should absolutely vote for neither.  However, the current plurality voting procedure means you must vote for one of the top two candidates for your vote to matter.  Not voting for Trump is equivalent to voting for Hillary and vice versa.  In that instance, you are forced to vote strategically for the less worse candidate.  As far as I know, no state has yet adopted IRV.


So are you saying as Christians, we should vote for Hillary Clinton?  If so why?  If not, then you must be advocating that we shouldn't vote at all or that we should vote for some 3rd party who has no chance in winning?  That is the same as putting whomever wins in office. A choice not to take action is still an action taken, and that action will produce results one way or another.   I agree that Trump is by far not the idea candidate for the conservative party, but do you really think that more harm would be done to the continued demoralization of our country, the ripping apart of the Constitution, and the stripping away of our liberties, than if Hillary were in office?   I'm not trying to be antagonistic here, I'm just trying to further understand your view point.  Thanks!


You are the typical blinded ignorant "Christian" blogger. You are either ignorant of the word of God or you are blinded by your dislike for people like Trump.  First, Trump was not a Christian any more than Barack Obama is or Hillary Clinton. As such you cannot hold them to the same standard that Christians SHOULD BE HELD TO but are not. According to James Dobson Trump only became a Christian recently and as such should be given much prayer support and discipleship yet all you and your self righteous kind can do is denigrate the man.  IFF you knew the scriptures you would know that the NATURAL(Psuche) man  does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually appraised. 1 Cor. 2:14.

Before a person is saved they may read the bible, go to church, try to look, act and live like they were a Christian, but they cannot because it is impossible to just say the magic words and BOOM they are a Christian. John 1:12,13 says, "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, 13 who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God." There are many in the church today that believe that they are Christians when in fact  they are not. It is the fault of Church leadership and pathetic teaching that have led them to believe a lie that will, if not corrected, will doom them to eternity in hell.

Whether Donald Trump is a true Christian or not will be determined but right now all he is at this time is a candidate for President of the United States in a field of candidate with little or nothing to offer the people of this country. Trump has more than 20 years of success in building businesses all around the world, he has dealt with the leaders of foreign countries and has brokered deals with them that benefitted both his company and the countries that he was working with. At the same time he has consistently identified the errors that Congress' and presidents have been making when dealing with other countries and has given suggestions as to how they could turn things from bad to good and yet they went unheeded. He stated in 1988, on Oprah, that he had no desire to run for president but if things continued to be done so badly by the Washington elect that he would consider running for president. They did continue and are worse and so he is running for the purpose of trying to reverse the damage that has been done.

  Yes the Christians in this country, and around the world will see a horrific rise in persecution and attack before Christ returns. There is no way that we can stop that from happening but we can forestall it. By the time Anti-Christ appears we will no longer be the United States. Because of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, we stand in the way of the One World Government that men like George H.W. Bush, George Soros, and quite possibly men like Ted Cruz are looking to establish and take their place of leadership in, if they live that long. That is why the Republican and the Democrat parties no longer have any real distinctives that separate them from one another, they are two sides of the same coin. They are both supportive of Agenda 21 and the One World Government. It is the average person who register as Dems and Repubs who have no idea that this has happened and they go blindly on voting for party members rather than candidates.

  When the scripture says "looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God,", it does not mean that we play into the hand of the enemy and just give it to him so that God must send Jesus to gather his saints home. We are to be as shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves (Matt. 10:16). You can criticize Trump all you want but he is our last best chance to forestall the coming firestorm of tribulation of the like which this country has never seen. Any of the unknown candidates that this writer is referring to do not have a snowballs chance in Hades of even getting one per cent of the vote. Hillary, or whoever they may replace her with, will be ushered into the Oval Office and the spirit of Anti-Christ will be given more power than it has ever achieved in this country. 

  This article is a great example of one writing from biblical ignorance rather than one who has a cohesive grasp of Scripture and eschatology. There are too many followers and not enough with the character and determination of a Berean who will search the scriptures daily to see if these things are true. John 8:31,32 says, "So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, 'If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”. If you do not abide, live dwell, spend much time in the Word of God then you will NOT KNOW THE TRUTH and you will live being blown about by every wind of doctrine and teaching and you will be in bondage to false teaching.

  I am voting for Trump and Pence because I believe, after much research, that they are truly the only choice in this presidential race that will give us the chance for a positive outcome.


@cheth Trump isn't a Christian!!  And still isnt'!  He's a LIAR!  He hasn't "become" a Christian.  It's all a SCAM for his to be President because he knows that gullible Christians, who can't see the truth, will believe his lies!!  He has NOT professed his love for Jesus to anyone.  I can't believe that so many Christians have fallen for his flat out scams and likes. What a joke


@cheth Most of you are like horses running on a track with blinders on.  You neither see nor want to see anything but what you've been taught all your lives.  You think you are and call yourselves Christians and want to believe your Christians but your nothing more than blinded pathetic hypocrites.  Going around in your on self righteous world condemning everything you don't like or is not like you.  Trump and his family are some of the most vile people on this earth.  Jesus said go and Sin no more.  Do you think these people can do that. Every time he or his family opens their mouths what comes out - lies, ungodly comments, hate, if you can imagine it they will say it at some point.  The filth that comes from their mouths starts in their hearts.  Clinton my not be a saint but she is the only chance our government has if it you wants to continue

Missionary to Mexico
Missionary to Mexico

Thanks for the courage to write this article!  As you can see, not everyone was pleased with it!  Those who insult you for it are not led by Biblical principles, but by their fleshly attitudes.  There is plenty of evidence, especially from Trump himself, that he is just as evil as Hillary.  

There are a number of unbiblical doctrines and practices that are believed and practiced by the majority of those who are well known in the five fold ministry today.  We can see in the Bible that when a majority of the prophets prophesied something, it was wrong and only a few courageous prophets were speaking for God Himself.  We must examine everything by the Word of God and not by human reasoning.  

No matter who wins the presidential election, great persecution is coming against the Evangelical church in America (and I mean the whole western hemisphere).  A preacher (now deceased) who was considered an expert on the end times prophesied ""the rapture of the church will take place during a time of peace and great prosperity." I think that most of us can see now that it is not going to happen this way!

As far as the comment about you being too strict about the qualities of the candidate is concerned, does that mean that Trump is the only person that a Christian can vote for?  There are others that we can vote for that are imperfect, but are far more godly than Trump or Hillary, such as Tom Hoefling or Darrell Castle.  As far as the argument that we cannot know if someone is really a Christian or not, Jesus said, "you will know them by their fruits".  Neither Hillary or Trump have the fruits of a truly born-again Christian. 


If one were to require your qualities of a candidate in order to vote for someone, then we could vote for no one. I am so impressed that you alone know the mind and will of God alone and who has and who has not found salvation in Christ. Wisdom ends with you.

There were a few guys just like you mentioned in Job. They thought they knew it all and were ready to spout their wisdom and reveal their ignorance of God. Trump is not perfect, nor anywhere near it but the thing that he posses that no other candidate does is a love for this country and a record of success at all he has attempted. This is the leader that we now need to overcome the destruction of Obama and his administration. You can go all self righteous but in the end people will elect Donald Trump, good, bad, or indifferent. I bet you are an I.F.C.A. or G.R.A.B. member, which would explain a lot about you.


You are lacking in discernment, revelation, and judgement. That means you are religious but are not flowing with God's plan. This is very serious. If you cannot discern the season, and God's plan how do you make other important decisions, like those of dire importance to your family personally? Do you believe in the Five Fold Ministry? Have you not read the prophets who represent America, the honored and accepted prophets who represent America post their words about Trump as far back a 2007? Does God do anything without FIRST revealing it to his prophets? Why do you not seek to know this info? Ask yourself why you can make such a negative list, yet miss your Father's leading? Jesus was rejected for not fitting the mold, as was David, and so on. You do not choose by leaning to your own understanding, that is enmity against the Spirit.


@KathyAllen2 How DARE you profess to know what God's plan is!  You are NOT God!  That is BLASPHEMY  WOW you are the one being negative.  Look in a mirror!  Everything you accuse her of is what YOU are doing!!


@KathyAllen2 You are the one who cannot discern what a real prophet is.  That is disgusting that you think someone can predict who the next president will be.  You need help.


Jeremiah 33:3 our Father shows his sons and daughters things to come. We do the voting, not him but he shows us his will so we can co-pperate with him.