What's the Problem with Kentucky Governor Accommodating Kim Davis' Religious Beliefs?

(Above is a poster my 9-year-old Elijah held, "photo-bombing" an otherwise tender moment for some homosexuals in front of the Rowan County Courthouse during Kim Davis' trial.)

There's a problem with the Kentucky governor's accommodation for religious conservatives like County Clerk of Courts Kim Davis. He's the first Republican governor in Kentucky for fifty years, and he claims his victory is in large part due to his support for Kim Davis, who was jailed for five days for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. He comes out this week claiming that he is going to remove the name of the clerk of court from off all marriage licenses, so that religious opponents to same sex marriage like Kim Davis can abide by their conscience and not sign marriage forms to those unqualified.

Sounds like a victory for religious conservatives, eh? Don’t cheer too soon.

The problem with this is that supporting Kim Davis is the most pathetic of all options for the Kentucky Governor! Why isn't he issuing an order EVERY Kentucky clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to unqualified applicants? Why isn't he issuing an order for EVERY clerk to uphold the Kentucky Constitution, which says marriage shall ONLY be between a man and a woman? Why isn't he protecting Kentucky, and Kentucky law? Why isn't he protecting marriage?

Now, he creates a manner whereby wickedness can be facilitated and the law violated by another means.

When an atomic bomb is about to go off in the city and you have the know-how to disarm it, now's not the time to give water to a thirsty child.

Be on guard, my fellow religious conservatives, when leaders talk about protecting "religious liberty". When the nation's going to hell in a handbasket through taxpayer-subsidized sodomy and child sacrifice, our efforts to create means whereby the wicked can offend God without offending our fragile consciences - that's a recipe that hastens judgment, instead of abating it.

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