Would Defunding Hitler Have Been Enough?

Picture it: masses of bone-thin, naked bodies piled outside of barb-wire-fenced camps. Testimonies of grisly experiments being performed on Jewish twins. Whole warehouses with tall piles of shoes, empty suitcases, watches, jewelry, and lampshades made from the skin of Jews.

Up sounds forth the cry from America! “Defund them!”


How about "Prosecute them!" or "Try them for crimes against humanity!" or "Hang them from the neck until dead!" All the rage is over selling aborted baby body parts – and there should be rage. However, would the crime had been any less brutal if they’d have given their victim an honorable burial with the tune of taps? Why not harness the public rage and direct it toward an end that would protect the threatened children, like criminal prosecution? Why not prosecute those who dared to fund them in the first place, knowing they were aborting babies? 

Watch this unbelievable footage of a 2 ½ inch-long, ten-week-old freshly removed fetus flexing her trunk and her arms and legs before being disposed of by the abortionist. Would this abortion somehow be worse a crime if they’d have dissected the organs? 

The fifth viral video expose of Planned Parenthood reveals the director and personnel meticulously going through a small bucket of body parts from “a twin” – showing arms, legs, hands, eyes, and lungs – proudly displaying them to the body-parts buyers. That was as ghastly as anything Dr. Josef Mengele ever did. (Begin watching at the 10:00 minute mark of the video to witness this evidence for yourself.)

Remember Josef Mengele? He was the Nazi physician known as “the angel of death.” The few children who survived the Auschwitz concentration camp later recalled how they were visited by a smiling doctor who carried candy and clothes. He transported them to his medical laboratory either in trucks painted with the Red Cross emblem or in his own personal car. He smiled at them. He was nice to them.

At first.

But what did he end up doing to those children? Victims were put into pressure chambers to test the limits of their endurance until their eardrums popped. He experimented on them with drugs, castrated them without anesthesia and slowly froze them to death. Children were given transfusions of blood from one to another. They were put in isolation for extended periods of time to see how much they could endure. He injected lethal pathogens into them, performed sex change operations, and removed organs and limbs. He injected chemicals into the eyes of the children to try to change their eye color. He stitched twins together, and had their limbs and organs removed in macabre surgical procedures. All without using an anesthetic. Then he murdered them and dissected them.

“Defund Mengele!”

Ya think? Why not empty his bank accounts after he’s been hung by the neck until dead! That’s exactly what they did at Nuremberg. They hung Nazi murderers because what they did was worthy of death. God declares that murderers should be executed with two or three witnesses, and that speedily, to quench His wrath on the land for the shedding of innocent blood (Gen. 9; Numb. 35; Deut. 21). I can hear the Nazi excuses before the Nuremberg judge:

“But it was the law of the land…”
“But a panel of judges declared the Jews non-human…”
“But I was ordered to do so by a higher authority…”

Those are the same excuses that American abortionists and Planned Parenthood execs will use one day. They didn't work for the Nazi butchers and Nazi judges who sat in judgment at Nuremberg and they aren't going to work for Planned Parenthood and its baby-killing butchers.

Defunding Planned Parenthood is about our money. Fury over selling their organs after the victims dead – that’s about our sensibilities. Let’s quit making this about us. This is about babies created in the image of God intentionally murdered, provoking God’s wrath. Let’s defund Planned Parenthood after prosecuting them. And if any judge in your state's jurisdiction dares to perpetuate the Abortion Holocaust, prosecute them too. 

To learn more about Ohio's attempt to defy Roe v. Wade and protect Ohio's threatened children, visit www.PersonhoodOhio.com. 


Pictured here are some of Planned Parenthood child-killing workers and accomplices, taken at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Main St. in Columbus, Ohio, in July 2007. They take the girl’s credit card with a smile. They take her blood pressure gently. They make nice conversation. But they have the blood of innocent babies on their hands.